Using Canva For Super Simple Social Media Images
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Using Canva For Super Simple Social Media Images

If you use social media marketing for business you may already know the importance of incorporating images within your social media posts. Preferably gorgeous, unique, professional looking images.

What’s more, visual content is more likely to be shared by others.

For those who like to create their own images but lack the design skills and software to do so, the solution is an online program called Canva. I must admit, I just adore Canva and find it so easy to create amazing graphics, however it did take me a little while to figure out not just how to use it but also what sort of creations I could come up with.


So to help you save time in learning this and making all the beginner’s mistakes like I did, I’ve arranged for my good friend and Social Media Marketer, Ingrid Cliff, to take you through the wonderful world of Canva.

We’re holding a free live training webinar – so you can watch it from the comfort of your own home – and Ingrid will give you not only an introduction to Canva, she’s also going to show you:

  • The brilliant free templates that will fast-track your image creations
  • How you can add more social oomph to your images
  • Exactly how to use Canva!


This webinar is now over but you can watch the reply via the button below:


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