Twitter Tips For Beginners

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Twitter has really taken off recently with more and more people, including business owners, joining the Twitterverse every day.

And every day I send off a series of links to help new twitterers to understand how to RT, reply, hashtags, DMs and various other applications that will help them make the most of the experience.

I decided that rather than sending off 25 links to my favourite resources, I’m going to list them here. Makes sense, right?

So, here are my suggestions for compulsory reading for new Tweeters:


Applications To Help Manage Your Tweets:

Blackberry Applications:

Free Background Templates:

Twitter Graphics:

  • Siah Designs
  • Randa Clay Designs
  • Vincent Abray – while the site is written in French the buttons’ text is in English and they are all absolutely gorgeous! (Not to mention the gorgeous language – I LOVE French… a bit like Morticia Addams whenever Gomez started speaking in French, for those who used to watch the Addams Family)

Ahem… getting back on track here…

Other Useful Applications:

These are my favourite applications and sites. I hope you find them helpful. Happy Twittering!

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