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Unable To Upload Image In WordPress

This doesn’t seem to be a very common problem, but if it happens to you it can be very annoying!

Sometimes, when trying to upload an image to a WordPress post or page, you may get an error message that says, “Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again”.

If you click on the “Please try again” link you just get taken back to the main dashboard, but within the pop-up box where you would usually choose your image.

The most likely cause for this is an incompatible plug-in.

To find which one and correct this problem, first … did you recently upload or update a particular plug-in just before you starting seeing this error? If so, deactivate that plug-in and then try to upload an image again. If you can now upload images again, that plug-in was causing the problem.

However if you’re not sure which plug-in is at fault, deactivate all of your plug-ins. Now try to upload an image and you should find it uploads just fine.

So now go back to your plug-ins page and activate one plug-in. Try uploading an image again. Did it work?

If yes, that’s great. Now activate a second plug-in, then try uploading an image again.

Keep going through this process until all of your plug-ins that you want activated are active, except for at least one that, when activated again, will cause that image upload error. When you find that plug-in, either delete it or leave it deactivated.

You may find it helpful to have two tabs open in your web browser – one on the plug-ins page and another on a draft post/page where you can test uploading images.

I hope this fixes your images upload issue.  🙂

How A Valuable Lesson In Life Taught Me The Importance Of Research

Back when I was in my late teens – not all that long ago really 😉 – I vividly remember an occasion where I asked a simple question and didn’t get the answer I was expecting.

I was working in a licensing position where we regularly had to forward copies of permits to regional offices throughout the state and we would use post codes in order to determine which office to forward the documents to. It didn’t take long to learn most of the state’s post codes by heart, but whenever we didn’t know the post code for a particular area my co-workers and I would just ask out loud and someone else would surely know.

On this one occasion, I made the mistake of asking our supervisor for a post code. Her reply was a short, sharp, “Do I look like a post code booklet? Look it up!”

I was a little miffed at the time. After all, we were merely being efficient. Why waste an entire minute or so looking it up when someone could just tell you in a few seconds, while you continued working away?

However, miffed as I was, that was an incredibly powerful lesson for me. After that, I made it a policy to rarely ask for help unless I had first attempted to solve the problem myself.

This skill has served me well over the years, particularly when it comes to small business management skills.

There have been countless times when I didn’t know how to do something and could have phoned someone for help or submitted a support ticket. But by first striving to find the answer myself I have saved many, many hours of precious time by not having to submit the question and wait for a reply. More importantly, I have learnt so much more than I would have from just asking up front, not to mention understanding the process more by researching it myself.

And let’s face it, generally it can be a pretty good feeling when you’ve figured out how to do something for yourself.

So, what’s my favourite tool for problem solving these days?


(Or Yahoo or Bing or MSN)

While there are some areas where I probably wouldn’t trust information from the Internet, you can find answers to so much here, especially when it comes to business issues or how to do something with your computer or a specific software application.

Whenever I need to know how to do something now, I simply ‘Google it’.

Now, a handy hint here: it helps to be specific. I will generally type something like, “How do I do xyz in ABC?” In fact, it was by searching on, “How to add a custom header to WordPress Thesis theme” that I found this excellent blog post on how to add a banner image to your Thesis header – a post I’m so glad I found and have since recommended to others many times over.

If your original question brings up too many possible answers, try being more specific with what you search for. Or if you don’t get enough results, be a little broader in your search terms.

If you want something instructional, going direct to YouTube can be a good idea. Again, you can find out how to do so much by searching for it in YouTube.

Sometimes getting the best answers for problem solving comes down to asking the right questions. But then if all else fails … ask someone else for help 🙂

How To Edit Go To Webinar Recordings In Camtasia

Lots of people have asked me how I manage to edit Go To Webinar and Go To Meeting recordings in Camtasia Studio … this is something that can be a challenge at first.

So I thought I’d make a video to show just how easy it is to do … when you know how  😉


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