How To Make Business Goals Fun

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Make business goals fun again with a creative twist on traditional planning. Dive into the world of vision boards, a vibrant and inspiring way to visualise and achieve your business aspirations.

Hello, my beautiful friend! Let’s talk about turning business planning from a chore into an exciting and motivational journey. Don't get me wrong - it's still worth setting goals, making plans and keeping an eye on your business' numbers. But let's take that one step further and add more excitement! It’s time to introduce a tool that infuses fun and inspiration into achieving your business aspirations: the vision board.

make business goals fun

The New Age of Business Planning: The Vision Board

Turning Dreams into Visual Motivation

What if you could enhance boring stats and numbers with vibrant images and inspiring quotes? That’s exactly what a vision board does. It's a colourful and personal representation of your dreams and aspirations, whether it’s more time with family, luxurious vacations or that dream car. These visual cues remind you of why you started your business and keep you focused and motivated.

And for some people, colours and images - even images of words - can be more inspirational than text and figures in a Word document or spreadsheet.

Why Vision Boards Are Effective (And Make Business Goals Fun!)

Visualizing Success for Better Focus

If you’re skeptical about mixing business with creativity, you're not alone. But here's the thing – vision boards work! Successful people around the world use them to clarify their dreams and maintain focus on their goals. Whether it's a new car, a retreat you're hosting for your VIP clients, a dream vacation or simply more time with your loved ones, a vision board keeps these aspirations in sight and mind, serving as a powerful motivator. 

Creating Your Personal Vision Board

Your Blueprint for Inspiration

Crafting a vision board is simple and enjoyable. You can make a physical board with magazine cutouts or a digital one using apps like Canva, Pinterest or Evernote. The key is to use images and words that represent your biggest goals and dreams. Remember, it’s not just about material things; it's about the feelings and experiences they symbolise.

Tips for Making an Effective Digital Vision Board

Embracing the Digital Age in Goal Setting

Choose Your Platform: Microsoft’s “Vision Board” app, Canva, Pinterest or Evernote are great options. (I use and love Canva, but I do have some I created in Pinterest too).

Select Inspiring Photos: Look for images online that resonate with you, from sources like Unsplash or stock photo websites.

Incorporate Emotive Elements: Add quotes, affirmations and images that evoke positive emotions and align with your aspirations.

Keep It Visible: Use your vision board as wallpaper on your devices to keep your goals in sight and mind daily.

Most Importantly: This is one of the most important things and one that a lot of people don't tell you about... make sure you include photos of YOU, too. It's so much more powerful when you can see yourself in the scene, surrounded by visions of what your future life looks like.

Your Vision, Your Success

Empower Your Journey with Vision

A vision board is more than just a collection of images; it’s a personal manifesto of your dreams and a daily reminder of where you're headed. It helps break down lofty goals into achievable steps and keeps you energised on the path to success. So, unleash your creativity and start building a vision board that reflects your unique journey to business triumph!

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