The Ultimate Marketing Seminar

Written By Donna-Marie  |  Marketing, Online Marketing 

Last weekend I attended the Ultimate Marketing Seminar in Brisbane, Australia. Organised by Chris Howard and his Universal Events team, this seminar featured a variety of top speakers from around the world.

For me, the best parts of Day 1 were presentations by James Schramko and Brad Fallon.

Donna-Marie with James Schramko
Donna-Marie and James Schramko

I’ve heard James Schramko speak before at other events that I’ve been involved with … meaning that I’ve never really had a chance to just sit and listen to his presentation.

He covered a lot of quality content around online marketing, including keyword research, traffic generation, affiliate marketing and some tips on  how to be more efficient and productive in your business. Going by audience chatter and feedback from several associates who were at that event, people really enjoyed James’ relaxed, genuine, down-to-earth nature.

Brad Fallon, SEO specialist behind Stompernet, gave what was, in my opinion, the other stand-out presentation of the day. Brad shared a myriad of useful strategies that can be used within many businesses along with recommending some books that I’m going to be checking out tomorrow (although I do have a birthday coming up 😉 )

There were some audience members near me who seemed to get lost in some of Brad’s content, but I know there were also many more advanced business owners who felt some of the other content was too basic for them. So the information Brad shared was much needed overall, I believe.

Donna-Marie and John Carlton

On Day 2, I loved John Carlton’s presentation. John is a US copywriter – one of the best in the world. He gave seemingly endless tips on how to sell (even if you detest having to ‘sell’ anything), in ways that make the entire process so simple. His frankness and honesty were obvious (as was his wicked sense of humour!)

Although I’ve seen many of these speakers before, it’s interesting to hear their presentations again, especially a year or so after the first time. You always pick up new tips and information that you missed the first time … or perhaps information that wasn’t relevant for you earlier.

It can take a lot of effort to attend seminars sometimes – especially when they go for the entire weekend. But the benefits of attending, learning and mingling with 500+ like-minded people is well worth it.

Of course, the most important thing is to put what you learn into practise when you get home!

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