Write Your Own Success Story​ – STOP Comparing

Written By Donna-Marie  |  Small Business Success 

Because it's time to stop comparing yourself with others and embrace your own, unique path.

Hello there, Gorgeous! Have you ever caught yourself peeking over the digital fence at someone else’s success and feeling a tad bit green? I'm sure we all have from time to time.

Well, Teddy Roosevelt hit the nail on the head when he said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” And, wow, that rings so true in the business world.

When we get caught up comparing our business to the highlight reel of someone else's, we're not only setting ourselves up for disappointment, but we're also zapping the joy right out of our entrepreneurial journey. Remember, those glitzy snapshots on social media feeds? They rarely tell the whole story. Behind every “overnight success” is a tale of sweat, setbacks and countless “no thank yous” that don't make it to the 'gram.


Change That Mindset, Lovely:

I hear it all the time... comments like, "I should be further along by now."

Sound familiar?

It’s easy to feel like we're falling short when we hear about another entrepreneur’s packed event schedule or their latest book hitting bestseller lists. But here’s the thing: longing for someone else’s success story often stems from a pinch of jealousy and a whole lot of not knowing—the countless rejections and the years of toil behind their achievements.

So, instead of getting bogged down in the “should haves,” why not craft your own success blueprint? Look up to your mentors, sure. But remember, the goal isn't to clone their journey. It’s to carve out your own, tailor-made to your dreams, your audience and your voice. What works for them isn't necessarily going to work for you and the lifestyle you want to create for yourself anyway. 

Stop Comparing Apples to Oranges:

It’s crucial to remember that no two businesses are exactly alike. Or at least, they shouldn’t be. Each business has its own set of variables—different target markets, distinct resources, unique challenges, unique teams behind them and individual goals. When you compare your startup or small business to someone else's, you're comparing apples to oranges. It’s not just about different types of businesses but about the different stages, contexts and personal journeys each entrepreneur is on.

Embracing this understanding helps reframe your perspective, encouraging you to focus more on your personal growth and less on irrelevant comparisons. This mindset shift can be truly liberating as it propels you towards more tailored and meaningful success.

stop comparing apples to oranges

What Does Success Look Like to You?

Seeing someone else’s business boom is awe-inspiring, but what does your heart beat for?

What’s your big, audacious goal... your extraordinary goal that brings tears of joy to your eyes just thinking about it?

THAT is your definition of success. And guess what? It’s supposed to be uniquely yours, not a carbon copy of someone else’s. Identifying what lights you up is the first step to mapping out your path to get there. And trust me, every path is as unique as the person walking it.

Don't Forget to Breathe:

In the hustle of hitting goals and breaking barriers, don’t forget to hit the pause button. Yep, taking time out for some self-care is a necessity. Sometimes, stepping away from the hustle and giving yourself a moment to breathe is when inspiration decides to waltz in.

Ever noticed how those “aha!” moments often strike when you’re in the shower or about to drift off to sleep? That’s your brain on relax mode, making space for creativity to shine. For me, taking a long walk, preferably along a quiet beach, is one of the best triggers for my creative ideas to flood in.

In Need of a Little Downtime?

If the thought of stepping away from your desk sends you into a panic, you’re not alone. Many entrepreneurs fear that taking time out for fun is time stolen from their business. But here’s a little secret: often, it’s those moments away from the grind that bring the clarity and inspiration needed to propel us forward.

Remember, building a business you love isn’t about chasing someone else’s dream. It’s about embracing your own journey, complete with its ups, downs and everything in between.

So, my beautiful friend, it's time to stop comparing yourself and your business to others. And instead, to finding joy in your unique path and creating a business that’s not just successful, but also truly yours. xo


About the author, Donna-Marie

Donna-Marie is an award-winning Entrepreneur, Author, Online Mentor and Content Marketing Specialist who's been lifting up small business owners since 1998. She's got an incredible talent for showing business owners how to build their dream business and life, teaching them systems to boost profits and enjoy more freedom, all at the same time. Don't just go with the flow... create your business - and life - by design. 💕