The Time To Buy Up

Elena has mentioned on her EP Designs blog that back issues of the Business Mums Magazine are currently on sale at 50% off. She goes on to suggest that this would be an ideal time to buy a copy or two as a way of trialling the magazine.

That got me thinking… I have every copy of the Business Magazine (and refer back to them often) so I don’t really need any more, but at such a bargain price, I’m tempted to buy some anyway. Yeah, I know… I can’t resist a bargain.

So then I started thinking of more ideas… I could buy a few magazines and give them out to customers as bonus gifts or value add-ons. It’s not costing me much and most customers appreciate the thought of a gift of some sort. If you have customers who are business owners, perhaps you could do the same.

Another idea would be to buy some to take to my next business expo with me. It’s always good to have something to give away to prospective customers.



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