The Benefits Of Attending Live Events

Written By Donna-Marie  |  Small Business Success 

Last weekend I was honoured to have been a speaker at the WarpSpeed Weekend event on the Gold Coast, as well as being one of the crew members helping to ensure the weekend ran smoothly.


The event was a huge success and we’ve been receiving feedback from attendees all week, saying how much they enjoyed the training and sharing details of the steps they’ve begun to implement into their businesses and positive results they’re already seeing.

That prompted me to write today’s article about the benefits of attending live events.

Sometimes it’s easy to get into our comfort zone and stick with learning online – and that’s certainly very convenient, especially for busy business owners.

But the truth is, there are some things that only LIVE events can give.

Such as:

  • more focused training and interaction;
  • less distractions from other people, tasks or issues;
  • the opportunity to ask questions and request feedback;
  • the chance to mingle with like-minded entrepreneurs, often leading to beneficial business (or customer) relationships, referrals, Joint Venture partners, friends or connecting with others you can share your journey with. (Many successful Mastermind groups have begun from attendees who connected at a live event; and
  • energy … the unique atmosphere that a live event gives can be incredibly motivating and encouraging, helping to propel you into taking action to implement what you’re learning.

I encourage all business-owners – especially those who work from home or in a solitary environment – to make an effort to get out and mingle at business events regularly. At least once a month.

This might be by attending live events – big events or smaller training sessions – or by attending local networking group events.

You may be surprised at much of a difference this makes to your business’ progress and its success.

And a special “Thank You” to everyone who attended the WarpSpeed Weekend. You helped to make the weekend such a success.



About the author, Donna-Marie

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