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The Power of Samples

Another great, low-cost marketing strategy is to give away or show samples of your products or services.

In one of my recent posts I mentioned the divine promotional chocolate bites I bought from Moments in Chocolate, individually wrapped with my logo and contact details on them. When I saw the website for these I thought they looked good; I might be interested in ordering some… one day. But when I received some free samples, that was it! I was hooked and ordered straight away.

If you want to increase your marketing efforts, think about ways you can offer samples of your products/services.

Sometimes it’s not possible to give a sample of your work. For example, Etched in Memories (a business that creates exquisite pieces of jewellery, keyrings and name tags with your special photos, words or design expertly engraved) recently posted about their samples. It’s not practical for them to send free samples of their creations but they do offer a samples page on their website. Perhaps this is something you can do?

Etched in Memories Sample

You could also consider offering a 30-minute consultation for free or a report, guide or booklet.

A great idea for a promotional gift

In the mail today I received a wonderful package from Moments in Chocolate… a package containing some of their samples.

Any chocolate-lovers will know that there’s a huge difference between cheap, compound chocolate and the smooth, rich taste of high quality Belgian chocolate. Well, to my delight, Moments in Chocolate use the good stuff!

I can honestly report that the samples were DELICIOUS! Not that I ate them all, of course! (I gave one to my son)  🙂

I’m about to place an order for a box of the miniature after dinner mint chocolates that come complete with a custom made label of your choice. I’m customising the label with my business name, logo and contact info and will give them out as promotional treats… if I don’t eat them all first!