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How You Can Get The X-10 Effect

If you have a business selling products or services either online, over the phone or in person and you would like to know how to multiply your results x 10 then this could be the workshop for you.

The X-10 Effect is a one-day, info-packed workshop coming up later this month in Sydney, Australia. Attendees are sure to get the inside scoop on how to use the internet to multiply their results with just a few simple strategies.

This X-10 Effect seminar is being run by Steven Essa and I have to say… this guy is amazing! After successfully raising $30, 000 in 30 days for charity, Steven has been aptly nick-named ‘The 30k Guy’. At his workshop he will make sure you’re not only learning what he’s teaching, but that you’ll be fully equipped to apply the lessons to YOUR OWN business.

Watch this video now to find out more about Steven Essa’a X-10 Effect workshop. If you can attend this event, you won’t be disappointed.

World Internet Summit – Gold Coast 2009

Donna-Marie with Sean Roach, WIS Gold Coast 2009 Last week I was fortunate enough to be able to spend a few days on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, at World Internet Summit.

This event, founded by Brett McFall and Tom Hua, is held in locations all around the world and brings together the best of the best Internet Marketers.

I would love to summarise the entire 4-day event for you but there was just too much happening. Excellent information, software and tips were shared by online business experts such as Sean Roach (pictured with me here), Matt Bacak, Tom Hua, Matt and Amanda Clarkson, James Schramko, Nikhil Parekh, Barnaby De Palma, Raymond Aaron, Dr Mike and Koz, Debra Thompson Roedl, Scott Letourneau and my personal mentor, Brett McFall.

You gain so much from these sessions – from developing a successful mindset to selling on eBay, market research, product creation, and lots more. However I have to admit, one of the best parts is simply being there, feeling the motivation pumping through the room each day and mixing with 600+ inspired, enthusiastic and positive people.

The next WIS will be in Auckland, New Zealand, from July 23rd to 26th. Registrations are being taken now and if it’s anything like the Australian event tickets will sell out early.

I’ll be at World Internet Summit in New Zealand 2009… will you?

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Is Your Business Online Or Offline?

Over the last week I’ve noticed this topic coming up in a lot of conversations – is your business online or offline?

I understand there’s a big difference in how online and offline businesses are run… yet they also centre around the same principles. My question is… why not be both?

There are so many advantages to bringing your ‘real world’ business online, and also to including offline strategies to help build your online business. So much so that discussions from our last business Coffee & Chat morning (a Brisbane-based business networking group) have lead to me working directly with a few members, where I’ll be teaching them how to incorporate online strategies into their offline businesses, and vice versa. I’m not sure who’s more excited about this… me or them!

One business that does a great job of integrating both mediums is Assential Scrapbooking. Jenny has a scrapbooking store where she sells products and holds classes, workshops and parties. However she also puts a lot of effort into the online side of her business, such as her blog and online store.

So, is your business online or offline? In this day and age I really do believe businesses should be looking at being both, and hopefully this question will become redundant.