Knowing When To Push Yourself And When To Give Yourself A Break

Written By Donna-Marie  |  Small Business Success 

While reading Joliv’s blog I came across a post on Wisdom where Korina mentions, “Stopping the pressure on myself (from myself) is a huge thing I am still working on but am getting much better at being kind to myself when it counts.”

This brings up a very important point… as small business owners it’s important for us to be disciplined and push ourselves that little bit harder, breaking out of our comfort zones and making sure that things are moving forward. We often need to put ourselves under a bit of pressure to reach some of our greatest achievements.

But it’s also just as important for us to know when it’s okay to step back a bit, take the pressure off and reward our efforts and discipline. As for being kind to yourself… well, my belief is that you should ALWAYS be kind to yourself (and others too, of course), whether you’re pushing your own boundaries or not.

About the author, Donna-Marie

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