An Essential Trait Of Entrepreneurs And Leaders

“It doesn’t matter which side of the fence you get off on sometimes. What matters most is getting off. You cannot make progress without making decisions.”

Jim Rohn – 1930-2009 (Speaker and Author)

This statement is especially true for entrepreneurs and leaders. Being able to make decisions – preferably being able to do so quickly – will be a huge benefit to your small business success.

Sometimes you’ll make the wrong decisions, but being afraid of making a wrong decision is only going to prevent you making any decisions, hence keeping you stagnant.

For the next week at least, make a conscious effort to make decisions quickly. Once you get in the habit of doing this you’ll find it starts to come naturally to you.

About the author, Donna-Marie

Donna-Marie is an award-winning Entrepreneur, Author, Online Mentor and Content Marketing Specialist who's been lifting up small business owners since 1998. She's got an incredible talent for showing business owners how to build their dream business and life, teaching them systems to boost profits and enjoy more freedom, all at the same time. Don't just go with the flow... create your business - and life - by design. 💕