When Those Around You Hold You Back

When Those Around You Hold You Back

Most of us have a range of different sorts of people in our lives. Some of these people may project an attitude or behaviour that makes us feel as though they don’t want us to succeed and are holding us back from achieving our goals and dreams.

Often their negativity is unintentional, but can be damaging all the same.

You may even find that friends or loved ones may fear that your success will lead you away from them, or may shine a spotlight on their failures.

In order for you to be successful, however, it is important to shake these folks off.

Here are a few tips.

arrow_bullet_1dRemember that no one else is accountable for what you do. Don’t blame your hesitations on anyone else. Though people may be trying to hold you back for whatever reasons they have, your choices are yours alone. Don’t let the fears and doubts of others keep you from what you’re working so hard to achieve.

arrow_bullet_1dRemember that relationships change. You are no longer friends with everyone you went to high school with, or everyone you went to college with, or everyone you worked with a few years back. It is natural and normal for relationships to run their course.

If you have some relationships that have run their course, it may be time to let them go. If that’s the case, there is no blame to be placed and it doesn’t mean you are sacrificing relationships for business.

arrow_bullet_1dSadly, some people may want you to fail. It’s much easier to assume that anyone who holds you back does so unintentionally. However, sometimes that isn’t the case.

Many people gain their own self-esteem from knowing that others are not doing as well as them. If you have these kinds of people in your life, they are like poison to your success. The hardest part is admitting their agenda. Once you recognise it, it’s easier to part ways.

It’s important to evaluate the relationships you have with these individuals to determine what to do on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes you may need to just have a friendly chat with them to raise your concerns. That may be all that’s required to resolve the issue and receive more support from them in future.

Other times you may need to brush off the negativity of others and make sure you spend as much time, preferably more, around those who are supportive of your goals.

And in some cases, it may be time to move on. Appreciate the relationship for what it was but accept that you’re now heading in different directions. And that’s okay.

Other people will come along. It’s important for you to be able to spend time with people who want you to succeed. Those who will be your biggest cheerleaders.

Sometimes it is really important to give yourself time to find new friends and explore the new relationships waiting for you. You might be amazed at all the great new people waiting to offer support and experience.

Take the time to examine the relationships in your life. Some of these are likely vital to your success, while others may actually stagnate your forward momentum. Treat each person with kindness, but be willing to accept when it is time for some of the relationships in your life to fade away.

As you discover the other wonderful people who are waiting for you, your life will be greatly enriched.

About the author, Donna-Marie

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