What To Do When Family And Friends Don’t Support Your Business

A question that I get asked about a lot is, “What do you do when you’ve got a small business but your family and friends aren’t supportive of you?”

Sadly, this is quite common, so if you’re in this position don’t feel alone. It doesn’t mean that you need to give up either.

This is something I can relate to very well as a lot of my family and friends weren’t particularly supportive of my business ideas in the early days. (I think they’ve since learned to let me do my own thing over the years).

I share more about my story getting started in business, and why I suspect they weren’t keen on my business plans, in the video below.

Quite often, loved ones aren’t reacting negatively because they doubt your ability to run a successful business. It’s often just that they’re concerned in case your business idea fails.

If this is something you have ever faced, hopefully my suggestions in the above video will help you too.

Please feel welcome to leave a comment below if you’d like to share your story of starting a business without 100% support of those closest to you.


About the author, Donna-Marie

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