Ten Principles For Developing Trust

Developing trustBeing a good leader is not something that doesn’t always come naturally. Leaders have numerous traits and qualities that help them become who they are; that help them to inspire others and motivate other people to follow them.

Several readers have emailed me asking for tips on how to become an industry leader or for tips on how to manage their staff and work teams. So I’ll be writing more posts on leadership over the coming weeks but I thought I’d start with TRUST.

In his book, “Attitudes And Altitudes – The Principles, Practice And Profile Of 21st Century Leadership”, Pat Mesiti shares his ten principles for developing trust.

These ten principles are:

  1. Allow for diversity within unity.
  2. Give responsibility and praise results.
  3. Express trust verbally and always be honest.
  4. Praise publicly, reprimand privately.
  5. Let them go, let them grow, let them learn.
  6. Allow expression of ideas and creative implementation.
  7. Encourage initiative.
  8. Set boundaries of responsibility, delegation and authority.
  9. Never reprimand when a line has not been clearly drawn.
  10. Share the glory – don’t hoard it.

If you want to be a leader – in whatever form that may take in business, the community or your personal life – then developing trust should become a natural part of how you motivate and inspire others.

Write down these ten principles and review them often – perhaps even daily. Make a conscious effort to incorporate these principles into your everyday actions and you’ll soon find they are second nature for you.

About the author, Donna-Marie

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