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Multiply Your Income By 10: The X-10 Effect Goes National

The X-10 Effect:  How To Boost Your Income x10 With One Simple Secret

Regular readers of this blog or my newsletter will no doubt remember me mentioning the X-10 Effect seminar which was held in Sydney, Australia, recently. This seminar was so successful and widely requested by people around the country … so it’s now going national (Australia).

If you’re a business owner who would like to know how to multiply your steven-essa-smlresults x10 then you should get yourself along to this one-day workshop being run by Steven Essa.

I have a lot of respect and admiration for Steven and know that the stuff he’s teaching can make a huge difference to business owners. This workshop shows how the simple use of webinars can multiply your income by 10. Steven shares plenty of content and tips for making sure you get the best results for your guests as well as your business.

Visit X-10 Effect for full details and to register.

Tickets are only $47 for two people (well, $47 each but you get to bring a friend for nothing) and ALL TICKET PROCEEDS are going to the Heart Foundation in support of the 50K in 50 Days Challenge.

I’ll be at the Gold Coast event, so if you go to that one make sure you say hello to me.

Help Celebrate The Heart Foundation 50th Birthday – 50k In 50 Days

Tom and Janna at Inspired Health Strategies have been working hard preparing for the 50 day challenge, where they aim to raise $50,000 in 50 days for the Heart Foundation’s 50th birthday. The campaign will run from 1 June 2009 until 19 July 2009.

I believe the donation area is being managed directly by the Heart Foundation and will be set up before 1 June. Tom and Janna are putting their heart and soul into this project and I encourage anyone who’s able to get behind them.

And someone who’s behind this cause 100% is Steven Essa who you may recall reading about here last week. Steven is running the X-10 Effect Workshop in Sydney on 30th May 2009. To contribute to the 50k in 50 Days Challenge, Steven has kindly offered to donate ALL PROCEEDS from this workshop to the Challenge! Plus, he’s giving away a holiday as an incentive to book – all attendees will go into a draw to win two-night’s accommodation for two people at the Pacific Blue Resort, Nelson Bay.

Have a look at this to find out more about Steven’s generous offer for X-10 Effect attendees or visit the 50k In 50 Days Challenge site to find out more about how you can help.

How You Can Get The X-10 Effect

If you have a business selling products or services either online, over the phone or in person and you would like to know how to multiply your results x 10 then this could be the workshop for you.

The X-10 Effect is a one-day, info-packed workshop coming up later this month in Sydney, Australia. Attendees are sure to get the inside scoop on how to use the internet to multiply their results with just a few simple strategies.

This X-10 Effect seminar is being run by Steven Essa and I have to say… this guy is amazing! After successfully raising $30, 000 in 30 days for charity, Steven has been aptly nick-named ‘The 30k Guy’. At his workshop he will make sure you’re not only learning what he’s teaching, but that you’ll be fully equipped to apply the lessons to YOUR OWN business.

Watch this video now to find out more about Steven Essa’a X-10 Effect workshop. If you can attend this event, you won’t be disappointed.