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Randy Pausch – The Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

About four years ago I had the pleasure of seeing an interview with Carnegie Mellon Professor, Dr Randy Pausch. I  instantly had so much admiration for this man and found him to be incredibly inspirational, wise and entertaining all at the same time.

Sadly, he has since passed away from pancreatic cancer.

This video is his last lecture – Achieving Your Childhood Dreams. I realise that at just over an hour it’s a bit long for busy business people, but it’s really is worth making the time to watch this. When this lecture was given, Randy was terminally ill … but if he didn’t make mention of it at the start of his presentation, you’d probably never know. He truly is an amazing man.

So if you need a boost, motivation or an excuse for some time out, do yourself a favour and watch this.

What Do You Do When You Fall Down? Get Back Up!

Sometimes in business, and in fact, in life, things get a bit difficult and you may feel like giving up. For me, I often find this happends because I haven’t had a break for way too long. Simply taking a day or two off and heading to the beach or the mountains will fix that. That’s usually all it takes to renew me and I come back feeling refreshed and re-energised, rearing to go again.

However sometimes you might just need a bit of a lift during the day. If that’s the case, a short motivational video may do the trick. And if that’s what you’re looking for, this is one I highly recommend.

This guy, Nick Vujicic, is truly amazing and if he doesn’t give up, why should I?