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What Happened To That Email?

I just went to the Business Mums Blog to check the dates of their up-coming Business Mums Conference but was quickly side-tracked reading through some other posts.

This one really caught my attention as it’s something I’ve been dealing with a bit over the last week… “You didn’t get my email? Did you check your junk mail folder? Is it caught in your SPAM filter? Oh, you missed it in amongst the other 794 emails you’ve received today. Well, at least we know it did arrive.”

Yep, the saga of the missing email. Anyway, here’s a post that Melissa wrote recently about what to do when email fails.

Oh, and I did eventually get to the details for the next Business Mums Conference. If you’re interested, it’s on in Melbourne from June 21-22.

What Makes a Good Email Subject Heading?

I just received 13 emails from an associate… all in a row… one after another. And I was so grateful she sent each one separately!

Some people may prefer to get one email with all the information, but these 13 emails, while on the same project, were each on a different section. When you have so much information like this, it’s actually easier to receive – and store – the different sections in different emails, rather than trying to search one endless email for that little snippet of information you may want at any time.

Tash at Word Constructions mentions this on one of her posts – email subjects – that’s worth reading. Plus, she shares several other great tips for constructing a good subject heading to help get your emails read.

Here’s to your success in business…