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What Do You Do When You Want A Book … And You Want It NOW?

The other day I was recommeded a book and decided that I wanted to have it. And of course, it was one of those times when you know you want something … and you want it NOW! But I wasn’t able to get to the shops for at least a few days and it was driving me crazy.

So I thought perhaps I could buy it online.

Sure enough, it was available online and if I ordered it straight away it should arrive within 10 days. But I couldn’t wait 10 days!

As luck would have it, the book was available on Audible. Now don’t get me wrong … there are times when nothing beats holding a physical book – especially if you’re lazing on the beach or by the pool. But when you want quick, easy access, you can’t beat the simplicity of logging into your Audible account, clicking a few buttons and downloading your book. All done within 5 minutes.