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Australian Conference For Business Mums

It’s nearly that time of year again… time for the annual Business Mums Conference.

Don’t let the name fool you though… the Business Mums Conference promises to be a fantastic weekend of learning new business skills for mums, dads and non-parents alike. If you run a small business, you’re likely to learn a few things from this Recharge Your Business themed weekend.

Workshops and presentation topics include email marketing, intellectual property, trademarking and online promotions… not to mention it being an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded business people.

The organisers are also offering a referral program so if you are going you might like to invite some friends and colleagues along with you.

Full details about this conference are available at the Business Mums Conference site.

What Happened To That Email?

I just went to the Business Mums Blog to check the dates of their up-coming Business Mums Conference but was quickly side-tracked reading through some other posts.

This one really caught my attention as it’s something I’ve been dealing with a bit over the last week… “You didn’t get my email? Did you check your junk mail folder? Is it caught in your SPAM filter? Oh, you missed it in amongst the other 794 emails you’ve received today. Well, at least we know it did arrive.”

Yep, the saga of the missing email. Anyway, here’s a post that Melissa wrote recently about what to do when email fails.

Oh, and I did eventually get to the details for the next Business Mums Conference. If you’re interested, it’s on in Melbourne from June 21-22.

Business Mums Magazine… Interesting Statistics

The Business Mums Magazine blog lists some interesting statistics about the content and contributors for the magazine over the last two years.

Business Mums Magazine ~ For mums who mean business

Business Mums Magazine ~ For mums who mean business

“Over the last 12 issues:

72 different people have had articles published in the magazine

  • We have published 232 different articles, not including News Snippets, network updates and advertorials
  • Donna-Marie Coggins of Jacaranda Business Support Services has had the highest number of articles published, currently sitting on 18 articles
  • 38 authors have had a single article published
  • There have been 20 articles published in the Marketing & Promotions category
  • We have featured 22 different Business Mums in Inspiring Women and Member Profiles”

(courtesy of the Business Mums Magazine Blog)

I find statistics really interesting (yes, I know… I enjoy doing my bookkeeping and preparing my tax returns too). If you are pretty good with writing and are interested in writing content-filled business articles as a way to share information with others and boost your own branding, why not consider submitting an article or two to the Business Mums Magazine?

Here’s to your success in business,