A Comprehensive Review Of Kartra: A Game-Changer

Updated review of Kartra – 2023

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I want to share with you one of my favourite business tools – Kartra – which is an amazing all-in-one marketing platform. It’s perfect for supporting solo and small business owners, coaches, consultants and freelancers.

I love how this platform combines a suite of tools that you’d previously invest in separately. Its features are specifically tailored to empower you to take your online business to the next level, without having several separate accounts and monthly invoices.

review of Kartra

Let’s take a closer look at some of Kartra’s features:

Marketing Automation

If you’re like many business owners, you probably have a busy schedule. Kartra’s marketing automation tools are designed with this in mind. They help you simplify the creation and management of complex marketing campaigns so you can focus on what you do best – helping your customers.

Automation sequences trigger actions based on user behaviour like sending follow-up emails after a sign-up or purchase. This allows you to nurture leads and engage with customers effectively without manual intervention.

Kartra’s marketing automation saves time and ensures your audience receives personalised, timely communication. And let’s face it… sending personalised communication is much more effective in growing a relationship with your customers and prospective customers than a one-size-fits-all (lol… it never does!) type of communication.

Landing/Web Pages

Creating visually appealing and high-converting landing pages is a breeze with Kartra’s user-friendly landing page builder. You can choose from a wide range of customizable templates and quickly optimize them to match your brand thanks to Kartra’s built-in features. This means you can experiment with different variations and improve your conversion rates quickly without the need for external design tools.

Email Marketing

Kartra’s email marketing features are designed to streamline your communication efforts. The drag-and-drop email builder, automation sequences, list segmentation, and A/B testing features enable you to craft personalised email campaigns and track their performance. This ensures you can nurture leads, convert prospects, and maintain ongoing engagement with your audience, while tracking key metrics to improve your strategy.

Membership Sites

Another great feature in Kartra is its membership site tool. This is a great option for coaches and course creators.

This feature allows you to create and manage membership sites where you can deliver exclusive content to your paying subscribers. You can control access levels and drip content over time, as well as integrate payment processing seamlessly.

This lets you provide an excellent platform to deliver online courses, coaching programs, or exclusive content to your clients while maintaining a centralised system for content management and payments. Which means… no more trying to get different platforms to talk to each other or paying for yet another tool to link the two.

I have to admit, I’ve been a long-time fan of the WishList Member plug-in used with WordPress for my membership sites and I still use this on some sites. But one of the biggest challenges many people have with WordPress – apart from learning it and knowing which plug-ins to add – is the security. Hackers are constantly finding new ways to access sites and cause havoc.

Now, if you have a great website manager who can maintain your WordPress site and fix any issues as soon as they arise, great! But a lot of people I work with don’t have the budget for this and are trying to do everything themselves. If that sounds like you, Kartra may be a better option for you for your members’ area. They look after the server and security side of things for you.

Video Hosting

Kartra includes video hosting capabilities, meaning you don’t need other third-party hosting platforms anymore. You can easily upload and embed videos directly into your pages, courses or marketing materials.

Plus, you can use other Kartra features to send personalised follow-ups to users based on their previous activity. For example, send Email A to someone who hasn’t watch Video X yet. Send Email B to those who have watched part of Video X and send yet a different email to those who have watched all of Video X.

Personally, I love this sort of personalisation, and how it allows us to know how to better serve different customers/prospects.

This feature simplifies video content management, ensuring your videos load quickly and reliably. It’s especially useful for coaches and freelancers who rely on video content for their services.


Originally, Kartra was specifically for selling digital products and services and the software’s team focused on making this as easy as possible. But they’ve since expanded their e-commerce tools so it works with physical products too.

You can create product listings, offer secure checkout processes, and integrate with various payment gateways. If you don’t have your own merchant account, integration with a PayPal or Stripe business account is usually straight forward.

This all-in-one solution ensures a smooth buying experience for your customers and allows you to manage all aspects of your online store from one platform.

Affiliate Management

This is an important feature for me. When I compared many programs, very few offered affiliate management within the same tool as other major tools my business needed. And it was a pain using an affiliate program that’s not integrated with your payment, product and email programs.

Kartra’s affiliate management system lets you create and manage affiliate programs. You can recruit affiliates, provide them with marketing materials, and track their performance.

This feature helps you expand your reach by incentivising affiliates to promote your products or services. It can significantly boost your revenue by leveraging the influence of others.

Other Important Features

Some of the other tools/features of Kartra which many of my clients find incredibly useful are the Webinar, Calendar, Surveys/Questionnaires, Funnel Simulator and Help Desk tools.

Review Of Kartra Benefits:

From personal experience, Kartra’s features provide many benefits to small business owners, coaches, consultants and freelancers, including:

Ease of Use

Kartra’s user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop builders make it accessible to users with varying technical skills. You can create sophisticated marketing campaigns and pages without extensive coding knowledge. And if you get stuck, there’s a range of videos and tutorials to help you, as well as a supportive and helpful community. Of course, there’s a support team who go above and beyond to help you when needed too.

All-in-One Solution

One of the main benefits is that Kartra’s comprehensive suite of features means you can consolidate multiple tools into one platform. Not only does this reduce your costs, but it also simplies your tech stack. This all-in-one approach streamlines your workflows and means you’re only paying the one subscriptions, rather than several.

Conversion Optimisation

Kartra’s A/B testing and funnel analytics empower you to optimise your marketing efforts continually. By identifying what works best, you can easily improve your conversion rates and maximise your return on investment (ROI).

Customer Support

As mentioned briefly above, Kartra offers excellent customer support, including live chat and a comprehensive knowledge base. This ensures that you have access to assistance when you encounter issues or need guidance, which is particularly important for users who may be new to this sort of tech.

The official Kartra Facebook community is also a great way of getting more general support, if you prefer. Plus, you can pick up great tips from other members on how they’re using the various Kartra features within their business.

Compared With Other Marketing Systems

So, how does Kartra stack up against other all-in-one marketing systems?

Compared to ClickFunnels and Kajabi, Kartra provides competitive pricing while offering a broader range of features. ClickFunnels may be more focused on funnels, while Kajabi leans towards course creation. Kartra combines both aspects but with additional features, making it a versatile choice.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m a fan of ClickFunnels 2.0 and Kajabi too. And if you’re using either of those platforms and are happy with it, great! Stick with it. The main thing is that you have a suitable tool – or tools – and are taking action to build your business. But if you’re unsure, Kartra stands out as a comprehensive solution that balances functionality and affordability, making it a top choice.


In my opinion, Kartra offers small business owners a comprehensive solution for marketing, sales, and content delivery and is the perfect platform to take your business to the next level. While I still use WordPress for my blog and one membership site, the rest of my business is now run through Kartra and has been since early 2018.

For a limited time, you can get a 30-day FREE trial of Kartra to give you time to test it out for yourself. Here’s how to get that 30-day trial:

    1. Clear your cookies (if you’re not sure how to do this, click here for instructions, depending on what browser you’re using).
    2. Click this link: Try Kartra for 30 days
    3. Choose your plan – this will automatically continue after the trial if you don’t cancel your account.
    4. Complete your details and you’re in! The Kartra team will send you an email with your login details and all the info you need to get started. 🙂

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