Promote Products You’re Proud Of – Feel Confident Instead Of Icky

Written By Donna-Marie  |  Marketing, Online Marketing 

Hey there, gorgeous friends! Today, I'm super excited to chat with you about something that's near and dear to my heart: how to promote products you're proud of without feeling the least bit sleazy.

Yep, we've all been there, right? You've got a fantastic product or service, and you want the world to know about it. But you don't want to come off as pushy or dishonest. And, truth be told, when you try to follow some of the common marketing advice out there you just feel 'icky'.

Well, I've got some strategies to share that will keep your integrity intact while you make waves in the online marketplace.

Promote Products You're Proud Of

So, here's the deal: promoting products and services online is a fantastic way to make a living, and there are countless options to choose from. You can even create your very own offerings.

But here's the golden rule: if you're not genuinely proud of what you're promoting, it's a tough sell.

Let's dive into some tips on how to make it all happen seamlessly and sincerely.

1. Create Top-Notch Products: It All Starts Here

Alright, folks, let's kick this off with the first step – creating top-notch products or services. If your creation isn't up to standard, you'll cringe at the thought of selling it. And trust me, that's not the vibe we're going for.

Instead, pour your heart and soul into making a product or service that genuinely solves problems for your audience in a unique way.

When you're confident in what you've got, promoting it becomes a breeze. You'll wear that pride like a badge of honor.

2. Get Hands-On with Other People's Products

Now, if you're into promoting products or services created by others, don't skip this one. It's a biggie. 

Always, always, always try out a few of their offerings.


Well, until you've tried them for yourself, you won't know if they live up to the hype. And trust me, you want to be sure about the quality of what you're endorsing. So, go ahead and test a couple of their products. If they're top-notch and can deliver what they promise, you'll feel much more comfortable sharing them with your audience.

3. Honesty Is the Best Policy

This is another biggie, so let's shout it from the digital rooftops – be honest!

Your audience relies on your word. Whether it's in your blog posts, your sales pages, or any other promotional materials, always focus on how the product or service solves problems. If you stay true to this, you're golden.

Honesty, combined with a laser focus on solutions, makes for authentic and trustworthy product promotion.

4. Under Promise, Over Deliver

We've all seen those TV commercials with phrases like, "This is The BEST Widget you'll Ever Need!" – that's what they call puffery. It's a little exaggeration in advertising, and it's all good.

But here's the catch: don't lie.

For instance, promising someone they'll lose 50kgs in a month with your product, when it's clearly impossible, is a no-no. Instead, let your marketing and advertising tell the truth about your product or service.

When your customers get their hands on it and it surpasses their expectations, they'll be blown away by how awesome it is. Over-delivering will keep those happy customers coming back for more.

5. Be a Problem Solver

Ultimately, creating and promoting products and services that genuinely work is your secret sauce.

When you know something can truly help your audience, not promoting it would be a disservice to them. You're their problem solver, and it's your duty to get the word out.

In a nutshell, to promote products you're proud of without feeling sleazy it's all about integrity, authenticity, and a touch of marketing magic.

Remember, when you create and endorse amazing stuff, you're not just making a living – you're making a difference. So go out there, and proudly share the good stuff with the world. You've got this! ✨

About the author, Donna-Marie

Donna-Marie is an award-winning Entrepreneur, Author, Online Mentor and Content Marketing Specialist who's been lifting up small business owners since 1998. She's got an incredible talent for showing business owners how to build their dream business and life, teaching them systems to boost profits and enjoy more freedom, all at the same time. Don't just go with the flow... create your business - and life - by design. 💕