How To Write Newsletters For Your Business

write newsletters for small businessMany small business owners are discovering the marketing and customer communication value of creating and sending newsletters. They are a wonderful tool that is effective yet affordable when it comes to promoting the success of your small business. Figuring out how to write a profitable newsletter is an important step, and one that is easier to accomplish than you might think.

The business advantages of using a newsletter:

Using a newsletter as a marketing and communication tool has many excellent advantages, including:

  • Direct communication with customers and potential customers
  • Opportunities to share information your customers will find of value
  • Positioning of your business as the “go to” resource for your type of products and/or services

These are just a few examples; chances are you could think of a few more that are specific to your business with just a little bit of thought. But just deciding to create a newsletter is not enough; you need to put some planning and thought into making that newsletter as effective and profitable as possible.

How to make your newsletter more profitable:

One of the most common mistakes small business owners make when first creating a newsletter for their business is thinking it needs to be all about selling, selling, and more selling. While one of the goals is certainly to increase sales for your business, the best way to go about accomplishing that goal is to make the newsletter less about sales and more about creating value for your customers and potential customers.

Here are a few guidelines for how to make your newsletter more profitable:

Make it worthwhile – The content of your newsletter should be interesting enough and valuable enough to the recipients to be worth their time and attention. In each issue, then, you should include articles, information, suggestions, and tips that are focused on helping the recipients solve common problems, learn something new, and generally gain something worthwhile from taking the time to read it.

Frequency – There’s nothing that will turn off recipients faster than sending them a newsletter too frequently so plan your newsletter schedule accordingly. Whether that’s once a week, once a month or something entirely different will depend on many factors, including your readers and the aim of your newsletter.

Foster a friendly and helpful tone – Throughout your newsletter the tone should always be friendly and helpful. Put yourself in your readers’ shoes; the last thing they want to find in their email inbox is a newsletter that’s pushy in terms of sales. The goal should be for each recipient to take away something helpful or otherwise of value from each issue.

A word about database management:

A big part of sending a profitable and effective newsletter is proper database management. This means you actively manage your mailing list of recipients, giving each person an easy method of opting out of your mailings if they so choose. Keep track also of the response rates you get from the newsletter, especially from specific categories or types of customers. This will help you better manage things such as the content of your newsletter.

About the author, Donna-Marie

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