Making Travelling with Kids Easier While Coming up with a Viable Business Idea

I am often asked by people how they can come up with a viable business idea. Well, there are several ways to help you think of ideas and one of those methods is to look for common problems, then find a way to solve them. It may be that this solution can be turned into a business idea – possibly a viable idea and one that you can manage.

Here’s a perfect case study:

I can clearly remember my varied attempts at travelling when my son was a baby & toddler. It was bad enough lugging around enough stuff for a day trip, but the thought of staying away from home overnight was… rather challenging to say the least.

On top of all our clothes, toiletries and his food necessities (bowls, bottles, sippy cup, spoons) there was the car seat, pram, porta-cot – and that was just for starters.

I was amazed to see an Australian business that was recently started by another Mum who knew those same challenges only too well. Travel Bubs hire all manner of quality baby equipment for travellers, plus they offer a pick up and delivery service. For example, if you’re staying in a Melbourne hotel for a week, you can arrange for Travel Bubs to deliver whatever baby goods you need to your hotel and pick them up again when you leave.

Imagine how much easier that would make travelling with littlies!

If you have young children, I urge you to check out the Travel Bubs website (they have the most beautiful music playing on their home page).

And if you’re looking for a business idea, perhaps start by looking around you for problems, then work on finding solutions for them.

Here’s to your business success…

About the author, Donna-Marie

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