How Can You Make Managing Your Team As Easy As Making Instant Coffee?

For any business owner who employs staff or is considering employing staff somewhere down the track there is a fantastic resource that I can recommend to you.

Instant HR Policies and Procedures is ideal for Australian small and medium businesses. Although this handbook is comprehensive, it has been specifically written in simple to understand, plain English. Plus, it comes with a detailed employee handbook template that you can easily customise for your own needs.

Instant HR Policies and Procedures covers everything from hiring right through to termination, including:

  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Behaviour and Code of Conduct
  • Administration and Support
  • Performance Learning and Development
  • Conditions of Employment
Instant HR Policies and Procedures
Instant HR Policies and Procedures

And yes… I do have my own copy of Instant HR Policies and Procedures. (Unfortunately, I didn’t discover this wonderful resource until AFTER I had spent hours and hours writing my own policies and procedures). I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t believe in its value.Here’s to your success in business…



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