10 Tips For Finding The Right Virtual Assistant

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finding the right virtual assistant

Small business owners are notorious for burning themselves out trying to do everything on their own. Every business has its daily, mundane activities that suck your time and energy. There is a simple way to avoid the forthcoming burnout.

Hiring a virtual assistant (VA), or multiple virtual assistants will drastically change your business, taking it to a whole new level.

Your VA will reduce the stress created by having to do those routine tasks that are difficult, but need to get done so that your business will continue to operate.

With relief being around the corner, it is important that you find the right virtual assistant for your business and your needs.

10 Tips for Finding the Right Virtual Assistant

Tip #1:

One of the most important things you need to determine is how much prior experience you want your new VA to have. There are pros and cons across the entire spectrum of having no experience to having 15 plus years of experience.

Your budget may come into play when deciding how much experience you want them to have.

It is also important to note, that no experience does not mean they won’t be a good fit either. If they are passionate about the opportunity, they could grow with your business.

Tip #2:

Are they able to keep open, clear communication? Having a VA means that they will not always be able to talk to you in person. So this means that they need to have ample skills to communicate through technology. Ask them their preferred form of communication. If that form works for you, then great. If not, then ask if they are open to other forms.

Tip #3:

Find out if about their other commitments. You need to know how much time and commitment they have for your business. Do they have another job? Are they in a transition from one job to this one, or are they looking for another part-time job? Do they have other clients that need a lot of regular attention? You must decide what level of commitment they need to work with you and make sure you find someone who’s a good fit for you in that regard.

Tip #4:

Ask about their skill sets. When you put out the ad for the position you may have specified which tasks you need completed. However knowing their other skill sets is important as well. This gives you an idea as to how far the working relationship can go. They may have other skills that allow you to save some time finding other employees because they can already complete the additional tasks.

Tip #5:

Consider their image. This is a person who is going to represent your company; therefore you want to know that they will not disgrace you or your company. Look at their social media profiles, websites, or other online presences.

Do they present themselves in a way that supports you and your business?

Tip #6:

Check to see if they have done their research. Ask them to explain what they think their job will be working for you. Ask them questions about your business that they could easily answer if they looked at your website, social media, or blog. This will show their level of self-motivation and intent to learn.

Tip #7:

Make sure they understand their responsibilities and pay. They may have read the help wanted ad or offer and whatever other information you’ve provided to them, but do they truly understand what you’re asking? This one thing will help ensure there is not a disgruntled freelancer after hiring them.

Along with this, each time you want them to complete a new task, always check their understanding. Communicating through technology can be tricky so it is important that everyone agrees on what is to be done.

Tip #8:

Have detailed lists, plans, or strategies. It is important that you have detailed descriptions of what you want your VA to complete. The inability to walk into your office and ask questions makes this very important.

Tip #9:

Keep your expectations realistic. Your VA is still a person – they will make mistakes, but they will still need to be respected. Keep note that you may not get the same results from someone you pay $10 an hour as you will someone who you pay $100 an hour to complete a specific task.

Also be realistic about what you expect them to achieve and be mindful of their needs too.

Tip #10:

Do not pick the first one you have contact with. You may find that the first VA you interview will be your best choice, but interview several anyway. By asking each applicant questions and listening to their answers you help you in finding the right virtual assistant for your business.

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