Finally… I’m Back On Twitter

You’ve no doubt heard about social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Stumble Upon and literally 100s – if not 1000s – of others. Well I was active on quite a few of these but around the middle of last year I found myself so busy that the social networking sites went down towards the bottom of my priority list. Which meant I never got back to them.

But… I’m back. With my new business direction and lots more fresh products coming throughout 2009 I decided to start getting into social networking again. I have to admit, these forms of networking were fantastic when I could commit a few minutes every couple of days to them.

This time, rather than trying to keep up with 10 or more different networks, I’ve decided to start being more active in one at a time. So today, I’ve deleted my old Twitter account and started afresh… just like my business plan and 2009 goals.

When it comes to face-to-face networking I’ve always recommended quality over quantity – aim to join AND PARTICIPATE IN a small number of groups fully, rather than trying to get along to every network and function that’s available. So I’m doing the same with my social networking. I’m going to fully participate in a small number only.

So, if you have a Twitter account already, you can find me at And if you don’t have an account yet, visit and to find out more about it.



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