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7 Ways To Use Webinars To Boost Your Business Profits

Ways to use webinars

Many people have heard of webinars – and most likely attended them too. But do you know the best ways to use webinars to boost your business profits?

Before we get dig deeper into how you can use webinars, let’s take a look at what webinars are.

What are webinars?

The name “webinar” comes from web seminars … or online seminars. So basically, they’re a seminar or meeting of some sort, but run over the internet rather than attendees having to get together in one physical location.

Webinars may be free or paid to attend. If you charge a fee, you could charge per-webinar or you might find it better to charge a single price that allows attendees to attend multiple webinars.

Whether or not you charge a fee or offer free webinars will depend on the purpose of your webinar, your business model and your marketing plan. In many cases, you can use a variety of both free and paid webinars.

7 Ways To Use Webinars:

1. Training

One of the 7 best ways to use webinars – and perhaps one of the most common – is for training. This could be for training of staff, team members, students, members and/or potential customers.

You can conduct live training and share information via a PowerPoint (or Keynote) type of presentation or you can share your computer screen. Often a combination of the two works well.

Plus, you can record the live webinar and make this training available later too, via video or an automated webinar.

2. Lead Generation

Depending on what webinar software you’re using and what autoresponder program you use, it’s usually possible to integrate the two. Which means, when people register to attend your webinar you are also building your list.

Webinars can be an ideal form of lead generation and often these people are more likely to buy your products or services. They’ve shown they’re interested in your topic and by committing to a payment of their time (and possibly dollars), they’re showing you that they’re serious.

3. Q&A Sessions

This is one of my favourites! Webinars are the perfect platform to run Q&A sessions for your customers, students or members. It’s also one of the most under-utilised ways of using webinars.

The fact is, very few people are doing these and of those who are, most aren’t doing them regularly or effectively. Can you imagine the difference this could make to your business if you had this advantage over your competitors?

Webinars are an ideal way to run Q&A sessions because you can take notes as you go and share them on your screen (a very helpful way to make sure your listeners don’t miss or mis-hear important points). Plus, you can share your screen to give more detailed answers, where appropriate. This allows attendees to see whatever is on your computer, such as websites, software, documents and such.

4. Product Demonstrations

Depending on your products and services, it may be possible to show product demonstrations via webinars. While some products may benefit from video or live demonstrations, webinars are often suitable for others, especially services.

Allowing audience interaction means that people can have their questions answered then and there. You can also include surveys and polls to gauge viewers’ feedback or get suggestions for improvements.

5. Product Launch

Product launches and webinars can go hand in hand, especially if you use the webinar as an opportunity to give your VIP customers, or all of your subscribers, advanced access to your product. You can do this via a live webinar, where the live interaction helps to build the excitement.

6. Product/Service Sales

Webinars can be used extremely well for selling your products and services. One of the most important things here though is not to just sell and expect people to buy.

A webinar is a great way to give potential customers a sample of what they can expect when working with you. So make sure that the main part of your webinar is not about ‘selling’. It needs to be focused on training or educating. Offer information that is truly valuable to your viewers.

After you’ve offered value and viewers get an idea of who you are and what your expertise is, THEN you can let them know how you can help them further.

7. Interviews

Interviewing those with expertise to share within your industry – or interviewing your team members – is a great way to share valuable content. While there are several ways of conducting interviews, webinars are one of the most effective. The main benefit is that it allows for interaction with listeners and creates a visual element to help reinforce important points.

You can also record the interview and make it available later in a video, text or audio format, letting customers/subscribers choose the format they prefer.

Benefits Of Webinars:

There are many benefits of running webinars, including:

  • sharing of knowledge (yours, a team member’s or your guest’s)
  • keeping customers – or potential customers – informed
  • ability to offer VIP sessions to your best customers
  • helping you to build authority and credibility
  • making money – webinars typically convert very well
  • being a great form of content that provides many opportunities for leverage and re-purposing
  • being able to be run from home … or while away

There is no doubt that webinars can be an integral part of your business. How you use them is up to you. But if you aren’t already using webinars within your business, I highly recommend you start doing so soon, before your competitors leave you behind.

best webinar platform

How To Become An Online Authority – And Why This Matters

how to become an online authority

There is a lot of chaos in the online world. There are many people selling similar products and services to what you are selling. If you want to stand out in the crowd and make a living from your small business, then you need to build your online authority. This includes website authority as well as the authority and credibility you and/or your business carry.

Before delving more into why you need to build your online authority, you need to know what it means to have online authority.

The word “authority,” itself is a powerful word.

If you are an authority figure, you are someone that people look up to as a leader with inherent respect.

If you are authority in your field, you are an expert. People respect you. They trust you, and they look to you for advice.

Being an online authority isn’t much different. The main concept of authority is still the foundation. Having online authority means that you have proven yourself to be an expert on a specific topic and you share that expertise in a meaningful way with your audience.

You establish yourself as a resource for your audience with credibility and legitimacy.

Think about this for a moment…

You are sitting in your office wishing there was a way for you to sell your services or product to every visitor to your website. Every time a potential client visits your website, they have so much trust and respect that they buy every product you recommend.

This is something that we all envision for our business, however there isn’t one proven method that will give it to us. There is something that can help, though. You can become an authority in your niche, or on your topic of choice.

The thought of becoming an authority can be overwhelming, but that is only because society has taught us to believe the only way we can become an authority is to know about everything. This is not true. It is impossible to become an authority on everything … or even just everything about a particular topic.

Instead, pick that one specific subject (maybe two) within your industry that you are passionate about. You will be willing to learn everything you can about that subject. Being an authority on that one subject will help you gain the trust and respect of your visitors – turning them into clients. Not only that, but they will begin recommending you to their friends.

Having a specialization in something opens many advantages for your business. Some of the advantages of this are that you will:

  • gain trust more quickly from your clients and prospects, giving you more opportunities for sales;
  • gain respect from your peers, which will lead to more partnerships and business opportunities that increase your business;
  • become the go-to source in your industry, leading to more traffic and links to your website;
  • be able to quickly gain traction on your new projects and ventures so that you can reduce marketing costs; and
  • get more referrals, both online and offline.

How to Build Your Online Authority

Create and Publish Authoritative Content

Write, or find someone to write, a lot of original content. (You can find out more about Content Marketing here).

Share your unique ideas and approaches with your audience. Make sure you include in-depth content that gives you and your business more credibility. Let your audience know the details and see that you are truly wanting to help them.

When you do write content, source it properly. We all know that we cannot learn and know everything on our own. You may find a great idea that you want to share with everyone. It is okay to do so. But, make sure you give credit to the appropriate person.

Use Links Effectively

Use backlinks to link to other relevant content within your own content.

You should also use links to your content as supportive material when you write guest posts for other blogs.

Use links to your content when it is relevant to another blog that you are commenting on.

When you use links to your content you need to know the rules where you are posting. You also want to make sure that you do not spam your links because that can quickly become counterproductive to all your hard work and effort to build your authority.

Generally, if the links are relevant and you’re giving value by offering them – and you’re not breaking the rules of where you’re posting them too – people will appreciate them.

Get Social

One of the quickest ways to build authority in today’s technological age is to get social. There are social media sites popping up everywhere. Unfortunately, this can make it all extremely overwhelming. You can avoid the overwhelm by choosing only one or two and focus on using them well.

When you do post, make sure you post regularly and consistently. Each post should provide value to your audience. Make sure you’re recommending helpful, useful content – yours and others. If you only post about your products and services it makes it hard to build genuine relationships with your social network.

Quality and consistency are two of the important factors in building your online authority. Along with “knowing your stuff”, of course. You won’t become an overnight success but if you follow the steps outlined above you should find your online authority builds … along with your traffic, sales and recommendations.

The Power Of Joint Venture Partnerships To Grow Your Business

joint venture partnerships


This week I had the sheer pleasure of interviewing two lovely ladies – Jane Hagarty and Deb Youngs – who are achieving amazing results through Joint Venture partnerships. I’ve known these ladies for some years now and have always been impressed by the care and guidance they consistently give to their customers. Actually, not just their customers. They show that same care to pretty much everyone they meet!

Because of the success they’ve been having within their own business and within their clients’ businesses, I was keen to interview them to find out more about what they’re doing. Perhaps more importantly… how they might be able to help you to grow your business.

So please set aside some time a.s.a.p. to listen to the interview below

Be warned though…

…you’ll want to listen to it all. It goes for 42 minutes but is worth investing that time. Grab a cuppa or a cold drink and have your notepad and pen ready so you can take notes.

There’s valuable gems shared throughout this interview, all the way to the end. Then Jane and Deb invite you to join them for some more detailed FREE training if you’d like to learn more.

how to get joint venture partnerships

Click the “play” arrow on the audio player below to listen to this interview now:

Want to find out more about how to run successful Joint Venture partnerships?

Click Here to register for the free Joint Venture webinar now: