​What Others Say About Donna-Marie...

​No matter what I tell you about my products, services, training or ethics and how I can help you, it's always more reassuring for you to hear direct from others.

So here's a selection of thoughts and comments from part of my tribe of customers, colleagues, students and peers. 


This is brilliant! Finally someone's made Wordpress easy. Which means that the average person can take control of their own website quickly and easily.

If you want to create your own Wordpress website, don't think about it. Just get this course and DO IT! You won't regret it.

Brett McFall 
Internet Marketer since 2002, Queensland, Australia
Anne Marie GuinnessNew Zealand

They are really clearly presented ... and I really like that they are short and sweet! I find it's so much easier to digest (and focus) like this (no information overload) and because it's short it's not too much bother to watch it again if I feel I need to. I don't feel like I'm 'wading' through mind spinning stuff.

Truth really is, if hadn't been for you I would not have progressed onward, I probably would have given up all hope. You are a Wordpress genius...

Greta Jourdane
Queensland, Australia
Ingrid Moyle, Heart Harmony Communications, Brisbane, Australia

Donna-Marie is an extremely talented writer, and a brilliant business support to micro and small businesses just starting out on their journey. Her books are an invaluable resource for new business.

Hey, there are people out there who don't get the recognition they deserve who go above and beyond the call of duty when you need to utilize their service and expertise. If you need to get an online business up and running and you're worried about who to trust with your investment, go to Donna-Marie Coggins.

I'm SO glad I met her. She's like that mechanic or dentist that you're prepared to drive hours to see because trying someone else isn't worth the risk. You're amazing, Donna-Marie... Thanks so much for helping us with our website.

Ric Attard
Queensland, Australia
Beverley Neild'Scriptive Words, Victoria Point West, Australia

Being able to share the difficulties inherent in being a solo operator and a working mother, as well as the successes and triumphs, with other people who really know what I am talking about gives me such an incredible boost. I have attended other networking groups before, and while I have enjoyed them, I know the relaxed friendship and total support of Donna-Marie’s group will keep me coming back.

I cannot tell you how fortuitous this week has been with your help. I feel free. Cheaper than a week at a health retreat, as I said to a girlfriend last night!

Gold Coast, Australia
Belinda Bear Hug Baby, Brisbane, Australia

Donna-Marie recently invited myself and several other business mums to a networking morning tea. It was a fantastic opportunity to gather some great contacts, as well as chat about every day business and parenting issues. I would absolutely recommend Jacaranda Business Support Services to anyone starting out in business or those that are in need of a little boost!

WorldWide Weddings would like to thank Jacaranda Business Support Services (Donna-Marie) for all the help with our business writing for our Business Plan, web site and advertising. I’d like to especially thank you for the media release as it proved to be a success as I was able to get a segment on a 9am morning program which has increased my business exposure. Without your writing expertise we would not be able to make our web page, etc, more professional with wording. We appreciate your assistance and will definitely refer you onto other businesses. Thank you.

Tennille Collins
World Wide Weddings, Victoria, Australia
Melissa Khalinsky Business Mums Network, Victoria, Australia

Donna-Marie Coggins has been editing the Business Mums Magazine since it started in 2006, and has done a brilliant job. She has been a joy to work with and the results speak for themselves. I highly recommend Donna-Marie & Jacaranda Business Support Services.

Donna-Marie has previously written media releases for me. I needed someone who knew what the media were looking for and also had great writing skills. The result was fantastic!
Thanks Donna-Marie.

Emma Rhodes
Diva Promotions, Brisbane, Australia
Joanne Conquerer Australian Sea Memorials, Victoria, Australia

I could hardly sleep last night thinking about how close I am to launching my business. I felt like I was going around in circles, no money to do anything – now, thanks to you and also someone who is doing my logo and business stationery, for coming to the rescue, things are really happening. Thanking you as always,” and (on media release and company profile) “What can I say? They are superb. Thank you so much. It’s not often you look forward to paying a bill, but your invoices will be a pleasure to pay.

When looking into starting a new business, and taking on a Directorship with the business I have been working for, I wanted to find the solution which would speak to me in every day speak about the best way to understand true business sense and responsibilities. On attending the Acumen Brisbane Business Expo, one of the first displays I came to was one which Donna-Marie Coggins had her Jacaranda Business Services as well as her Ready, Set, Go For It! business book.

I took it home and couldn’t put it down all weekend. I was hooked and loved the ease of the read, reading what other women had overcome and relating to situations while giving me all the associations and contacts I could possibly want. It is a brilliantly written, step by step planning book which offers solutions from the concept to the reality of your business ideas.

Thank you Donna-Marie for assisting women of all ages to find the solutions which you have simplified and encouraged us to strive to heights we were not aware we could reach. Your experience, knowledge and networking, together with your zest to see people achieve their potential is a great credit to your community support and that of seeing your peers also achieve their goals. You are a credit to women of Australia to support each other.

Amanda Maystone-Towell
Director, Priority Management Queensland and Victoria, Australia
Trudy PetithClubConnect, Sydney, Australia

I found the service to be professional and Donna-Marie understood the needs of our business and at such short notice exceeded my expectations. I also loved the fact that we got a priority service at very reasonable rates. I have no hesitation in recommending Donna-Marie.

Thanks Donna-Marie for doing such a great job of writing my bio. I am really happy with the final product. You have a unique ability to understand exactly what I was wanting. Thank you!

Carolyn Broomfield
First Place Resumes, Gold Coast, Australia
Craig IngramGold Coast, Australia

I have not been able to put the book down. I regard it as one of the best business start-up books that I have read.

I have finished reading your book and found it to be full of excellent information, especially for my little business. It is certainly easy reading; nothing is complicated in it and it's easy to understand. This book will certainly be very helpful for me along my travels and adventures in the business world.

Maureen Parker
Chalk 'n' Cheese Children's Clothing, Gold Coast, Australia
Jill OrmstonGold Coast, Australia

This is one truly informative book for those with the enthusiasm to start up their own business, but don't know how to go about it, nor where to begin. It will be your best friend!

I have found networking is essential to the success of small business, however attending with two small children in tow is usual impossible. Attending the Bayside Coffee & Chat Mornings has helped me to increase my network of business contacts, bounce ideas off other local business people and even pick up some quote requests – all while my children have been happily playing off to the side.

Louise Pack
Director of Assist You Administration, Cleveland, Australia
Joan WeirPersonal Coach, Brisbane, Australia

The Business Women’s Mornings have been a life-saver for me. New to Brisbane, I loved sharing business ideas and connecting with like-minded women, who have since become good friends and colleagues.

The Gold Coast Writers Association inaugurated a Publishing workshop in May 2003. This event involved a number of speakers on various issues pertaining to ‘getting ones work published’ and was open to ALL authors including those not associated with our Gold Coast Writers. Thus, it required advertising which could saturate the writers market from Byron to Brisbane, and this is where Donna-Marie Coggins applied her expertise.

Donna wrote a most impressive press release which resulted in bookings which far exceeded our expectations. I felt the outstanding attendances to the Publishing Workshop can be largely attributed to Donna’s exceptional skills in executing an exciting and notable press release.

Deborah Bates
Past President, Gold Coast Writers' Association Inc., Gold Coast, Australia
Lesley K.Interior Designer, Brisbane, Australia

Thank you so much for your support. I don't think my business could run without you!

I currently have your book on loan from a friend. I have found it an easy read and very informative. A must have in my own collection.

L. M.
Gold Coast, Australia
Suzanne Riley, Queensland, Australia

​The class was really enjoyable. We were made to feel very welcome and put at ease. The teaching was excellent and kept very simple. Donna-Marie is one of the best teachers I've heard in a long time.

The D-I-Y Business Planning Manual is a fantastic resource that I wish I had when starting my business. Written in easy to understand language, the Manual explains everything, every step of the way without jargon. With lots of useful tips and information it makes planning a stress-free experience! A must-have for anyone looking to start their own business - the right way.

Kelly Gough 
Nuvo Maternity, Queensland, Australia
Mary P.Business Manager, Medical Centre, Ipswich, Australia

Thanks for all your hard work Donna. I feel like you’re my ‘right hand man’.

Thank you Donna-Marie I have finally sat through all of your training and wow, why in the hell had I left it so long. Finally some one has made it clear and understandable, straight forward and on track. You have made light of something I have struggled with for sooo long.

When you explain you stay focused and very informative without the BS rambling on that I have found with so many other tutors. I still have a lot to learn, my confidence is growing. I feel good about my decision to do this and I'm sure I'll get to where I want to be soon. Thanks again.

Glenda Gregory 
South Australia, Australia
Micheal O'Keeffe, New South Wales, Australia

A really simple system that explains everything regarding outsourcing. It has made my outsourcing journey so easy! Thanks Donna-Marie :)

The outsourcing training program is brilliant!! I especially love the fact that you go into detail with planning and how to set things up. I haven't started outsourcing yet but I am working on getting all my research and details together first. Thanks again, this is a great program. Everyone should do it.

Julie Shepstone 
Queensland, Australia
Lina McGeoch, Queensland, Australia

I just wanted to say thank you for the Outsourcing Made Easy training. I especially appreciated the templates, because it gave me a good starting point and a bit of confidence for what to include for briefing a writer. I used them a couple of times to trial a couple of writers for a report and it was a very helpful tool to have, otherwise I would have been unsure what to ask for. I love your training Donna-Marie and thanks for all that you do!