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Multiply Your Income By 10: The X-10 Effect Goes National

The X-10 Effect:  How To Boost Your Income x10 With One Simple Secret

Regular readers of this blog or my newsletter will no doubt remember me mentioning the X-10 Effect seminar which was held in Sydney, Australia, recently. This seminar was so successful and widely requested by people around the country … so it’s now going national (Australia).

If you’re a business owner who would like to know how to multiply your steven-essa-smlresults x10 then you should get yourself along to this one-day workshop being run by Steven Essa.

I have a lot of respect and admiration for Steven and know that the stuff he’s teaching can make a huge difference to business owners. This workshop shows how the simple use of webinars can multiply your income by 10. Steven shares plenty of content and tips for making sure you get the best results for your guests as well as your business.

Visit X-10 Effect for full details and to register.

Tickets are only $47 for two people (well, $47 each but you get to bring a friend for nothing) and ALL TICKET PROCEEDS are going to the Heart Foundation in support of the 50K in 50 Days Challenge.

I’ll be at the Gold Coast event, so if you go to that one make sure you say hello to me.