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Never Too Old To Play

I can remember going out for a meal with my Dad and one of my sisters one evening when I was about 9 years old. This older man walked by and started talking with my Dad, and their conversation – which was extremely boring for a 9-year-old and my older sister – went on (and on and on) for ages. Actually, it was probably only about 15 minutes but that seemed like forever to my sister and I.

He just wanted to keep talking.

When the gentleman left Dad apologised for the interruption and said that the man was a colleague of one of his customers. And although he seemed boring, Dad went on to explain that everyone you meet knows something you don’t and is worthy of your time.

“No matter how ‘boring’ or different their interests are to yours, they know something you don’t. If you make the effort to have a conversation with them, you’ll be amazed at what you might learn and the new contacts, or friends, you might make.”

I just stumbled across this inspirational ‘Chatterbox’ video by Soul Pancake and it made me remember that wise advice.

I absolutely love this idea and if I should see one of these in my travels, I’m in! 😉

Warning! It may bring on a case of the ‘warm fuzzies’.