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Learning WordPress – Should You Use WordPress To Build Your Website?

A question I’m asked a lot is whether or not WordPress is a good option for building a professional website.

In short, WordPress is great – I love it! But it’s not for everyone.

The first thing to remember is that there are two forms of WordPress:

1. – this is where you use the software within WordPress’ hosting set-up;


2. – where you manage your own hosting account and domain name and install the software yourself. is fine for a blog type of site, however you may find this option lacks greatly in flexibility. Also, you must be sure to abide by’s terms of use and this can limit what you can do from a commercial aspect (e.g. if you wanted to sell products from your site or include affiliate links).

Whereas the version of WordPress gives a lot more freedom and flexibility. You can build all manner of sites from a simple blog to a comprehensive eCommerce site, a membership site – with or without a forum – and almost anything else in between.

While WordPress is a great website building platform to use and its much more affordable than many other options, the challenge with WordPress is that if this is your first attempt at building a website, it’s not that easy to get started.

So my recommendation is that yes, WordPress is quite suitable for many types of websites. But if you’re not already familiar with the software either:

a) Outsource this project and pay a professional WordPress site developer to build your site for you; or

b) Invest in some training so you have easy-to-follow tutorials to guide you.

This will save you many headaches in figuring out how the software works.

If you are keen to learn WordPress to build your site yourself or even just so you can edit your own site once it’s been built for you, you may find my WordPress Success training program helpful.

Better still, for a limited time I’m offering a 30-day trial for only $1 so you can try to program first to make sure it’s right for you.

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