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Exquisite Christmas Ornament

One of the Business Forums I’m a member of, Business Mums Network, have an optional Ornament Exchange each Christmas. It’s like a Secret Santa where all participants send a small gift of a Christmas ornament to another participant.

My received gift for Christmas 2007 is this exquisite hand-stitched ornament from Bernadette at the Needlework Boutique. My Mum and sisters all enjoy stitching so I truly appreciate the work that Bernadette has put into this (and feel quite lazy for buying my recipient’s gift from a shop!) I’ve taken a close-up photo to show you however I don’t think any photo will show all the intricate detail nor do it justice.

Thank you Bernadette.




For those of you who are into needlework, the Needlework Boutique is full of everything you need. If you hurry, Bernadette is having a huge New Year sale that ends soon.