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Should I Syndicate My Articles?

Many website owners question the benefit of syndicating the content and articles they write for their own site. In fact, they even fear that syndicating their content may cause them to receive search engine penalties for duplicate content, or actually make them competitors with the sites they syndicate to.

None of these concerns are really worth stopping you from syndicating, however. There are many benefits to syndicating your articles, including:

  • Creating Brand Name Awareness – As more people have access to your articles from multiple sources, you create awareness for yourself and your site, and establish yourself as an expert in your field.
  • Generating Traffic to Your Site – Your syndicated content should link directly back to your site, which, quite simply, brings you more readers and should help improve your business.
  • Increases Your Search Engine Ranking – As you generate more traffic to your site along with more backlinks to your site, your ranking in the search engines continues to get higher. This, in turn, generates even more traffic to your site.

One of the main keys to syndicating your articles is that they link back directly to your site. You want your work to always point back to you, rather than generating traffic for the sites you’ve syndicated to. This helps you ensure that you’re not competing with the sites who publish your content, and helps the search engines determine that you are the original source of the content.

Like anything else, syndicating content does have some downsides, like the possibility that the site you syndicate to might decide to modify your articles, even though your licensing agreement prohibits it. Issues like this can be sticky and time consuming to remedy. However I’ve found these types of issues of only minor concern, far outweighed by the benefits of article syndication.

Fears about duplicate content are not an issue here either. I’ll cover duplicate content in more detail in another post but in general, the search engines aren’t going to penalise you for syndicating your articles.

For most small, micro and home-based businesses, syndicating articles is an extremely effective way to get your name out there and create awareness for your own site.