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WAHM – Worth More Than Rubies

I thought those of you in Melbourne might be interested in attending the book launch for Worth More Than Rubies – the latest book by Kathie M. Thomas. I would love to be there however it’s a bit too far to travel from Brisbane for the evening.

For those who can make it, here are some more details:

Worth More Than Rubies book coverWorth More Than Rubies is about the desire of many women today to return home and care for their families, using their skills to contribute to the household income – yet this remains only a dream for many. 

Kathie gives women permission to return home and shares how she did exactly that, bringing up 5 daughters, while using skills she’d developed in the corporate world for over 20 years, to establish a new industry. She believes that women today can do what their ancestors did – work at home and care for the family, returning to old-fashioned values and using modern day skills. 

Concern for the welfare of our children, plus escalating costs of childcare make this book a ‘must read’ for all mothers who desire to work at home and be there for their families. 

Why not join Kathie for a drink to celebrate the launch of Worth More Than Rubies.  

Date: Thursday 20th September 
Time: 6.00pm
Venue: Dymocks Melbourne Cafe. 234 Collins St. Melbourne.
Cost: FREE EVENT but bookings essential

Book through Dymocks or for more info on the book, go to www.worth-more-than-rubies.com.

Business Mums Conference

Last weekend I attended the inaugural Business Mums Conference in Melbourne, Australia. It took Herculean efforts for me to travel insterstate for almost 4 days, especially when I am so busy with work at the moment and have lots of family commitments (including a son in the middle of exams and assessments), and earlier this month I found myself wondering why I was going. As good as it sounded, it was just such an effort!

However, having made the effort I can honestly say that it was well worth it. The presentations, the other attendees, the business expo, the door prizes (I won a fabulous door prize from RealMums.com – yay!) Oh, and there was no shortage of food!

Time passed so quickly with a series of presentations and workshops on varying topics. Keynote Speaker Sandi Givens was just fantastic and is a true inspiration while Publicity Queen Sally Romano shared many specific examples and ideas to help get publicity for our businesses. Tash Hughes from Word Constructions spoke about the benefits of outsourcing, Lucie Battaini from multimediArt made website statistics fun and PJ from Acclique showed us how to manage our accounts simply!

One of the greatest parts of the conference was meeting so many other women (and a few men) who are juggling family and a business, being able to share the challenges and joys along with our goals and visions.

I’ve been to four weekend conferences this year (the other three were in Brisbane and so were much easier to get to) and I have come away from each one feeling enthusiastic, energised and full of ideas. Plus I’ve met new people at each one and have developed both business relationships and friendships from each one. I’ve been gradually putting the new information into action and by keeping in touch with others I met, we are able to support and encourage each other.

Next time you have the opportunity to attend a conference related to your business, please make the effort to get there. It is often challenging, especially if it’s on at the weekend, but the rewards can be so worthwhile.

If you are a parent in business or you know a parent in business, I strongly recommend you make the effort to attend next year’s Business Mums’ Conference.

How to combat procrastination once and for all

“You don’t have to be great to start. But you do have to start… to be great. When you believe in yourself and tell yourself, ‘I can do it,’ your confidence, motivation, determination and energy will all join together and propel you towards your goal.”

~ Zig Ziglar

I love that quote and live it almost every day. There are times when I have a task to do and I just can’t quite get the motivation to do it. You know what it’s like… you know you must write a letter to so-and-so but you don’t know where to begin. So you keep finding other things to do. You might even spend a whole day getting plenty of work done… but that letter is still waiting for you.

When I get like this, I just make myself do it. Do anything to get started. If it’s writing something, I just sit down and start writing – even if it’s just gobbledegook. I always find that within minutes, the words are flowing and the first draft is soon written.

If it’s some new project you want to tackle, begin by researching or talking to others who may be able to help. Find out what you need to do and if necessary, break it down into baby steps. (Remember the saying, How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.)

Just as Zig Ziglar claims, once you begin the task – no matter how small that beginning act it – you will soon gain the motivation, energy and desire to keep going because you’re so caught up in the moment. If you don’t do this already, just try it. You’ll be amazed at how much you will achieve.